Dragon Tattoo Unseen Footage, Song & Free Screenings!

Just when you thought the week-end was going to be quiet, Karen O's Immigrant Song music video is released.

Watch Karen O cover Led Zeppelin's song just below :

And Entertainment Tonight exclusive footage :

Free screenings details here.

Fincher is definitely keeping us busier than ever.

That's all folks ! (for the moment)


  1. huge mistake of continuity in the first scene daniel craig has glasses in one second and in the other the glasses are gone

  2. Huge mistake on your part, actually: That scene was obviously edited, so I'm pretty sure in its full edit there will be no continuity issue.

  3. But was it good? THAT maters more ;-)

  4. Just back from a free screening. It's a good film, but I don't need to see it again and it's the least Fincher feeling film, Fincher has done yet. It also feels rushed and slightly uneven. (Like the title sequence which although beautiful and strange doesn't really fit with the movie) Performances are all great. Rooney and Craig have chemistry, I just don't know if it's in service of anything. A bit of a shame really. On an up note it's better than the original movie.

  5. I saw The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo last night (at a free screening) and the film is like being splashed in the face with an ice, cold bucket of hell. It freezes you into this soulless existence—and the effect is terrifying.
    Also, the opening sequence is simply the most transcendent piece of filmmaking EVER! For as long as Fincher and Reznor are on this planet together they need to make sweet films/music together—a gift to the rest of us.
    Another Fincher film I'm going to see multiple times.