Dragon Tattoo Official Website Updated

Just when you thought of how dull this Sunday might be, here comes something for the week-end!

Go to Dragontattoo.com for new design and features such as a photo gallery with lots of surprises.

Let me share this quote from Fincher's bio :

David Fincher directs movies, commercials, and music videos. He hopes that people like them, but if they don't, it is not for lack of effort.



  1. Ha ha, I love that quote. Best biography info ever ;)

    Thanks for the update.

  2. The transcription of the quote is wrong, it should read "...it is not for lack of effort".

    Saying "their lack" of effort would imply that people don't enjoy them because they (the people) are just not trying hard enough.

    That would be a bit pretentious!

  3. Oops. Just made the correction. Sorry.

  4. David's next movie should be a live action remake of the Japanese anime "Death Note"

  5. David Fincher is in the Vanity Fair website, "profiled" by Aaron Sorkin and photographed by Annie Leibovitz.