Stieg Larsson's Partner Looks Forward To Fincher's Dragon Tattoo

So the Millennium Trilogy scribe apparently shared the greater part of his life with this particular woman, Eva Gabrielsson, who has just now published a book about things she wants us to know about Larsson and her. Also, she comments on Fincher's adaptation in progress, oh, and she seems to be into vodoo, did you know?

Her comment on the US "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" movie is very short and I will let you read that in its original source here:

...and if you care to learn more about Ms. Gabrielsson, here is an interesting piece in The New York Times; including "the curse". Wicked.

Thanks to Inge and Fitz for the links.

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  1. when it comes to money and power (in this case, creative control), even the notoriously peaceful swedes take out their "guns".

    i don't know the case in depth, but being in a relationship and also unmarried, i'd have to side with the lady.