Why Fincher Is The Best Design Thinker In Hollywood

"Calling a director a 'designer' is almost a tautology: indeed, anyone making creative choices about what to leave in or leave out, in any medium, is designing. But Fincher's coolly intelligent eye, laserlike attention to detail, and (in his best work) apparent fascination with storytelling as problem-solving, all set him apart from other filmmakers as a true designer-auteur. He makes films like Jony Ive makes iMacs: They just work -- with style to burn."

Fastcodesign.com has this great article on Fincher's talent for, let's call it, "story design" by writer and filmmaker John Pavlus. A very intriguing perspective, that is.

Big thanks to Fitz for the contribution.



  1. He's truly a genius. His IQ must be up in the 200s, hands down. Immensely talented, gifted and inspirational. How one person can be so great is a mystery to me.

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  3. What's a tautology?

  4. Tautology = saying the same thing twice.