The Social Network Oscar Winners BTS Cam

Whoever cares about the Oscars has probably seen the show. What you might not have seen are these extended behind-the-scenes Thank You cam edits. Congratulations once again to David Fincher's excellent, Academy Award winning collaborators.

Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

Aaron Sorkin

Angus Wall & Kirk Baxter

The very best part is the end of Wall's and Baxter's Press Room interview. On stage they are announcing Tom Hooper as Best Director. And it seems Kirk Baxter was ruling for someone else...

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  1. What's great is that most of this team is also making Dragon Tattoo... I'm very curious what Reznor/Ross will do with the score... I'm sure we will see some great editing from Wall/Baxter. Can't wait till December ;)

    PS. My reaction to Hooper win was similar... although I dropped a few F-bombs :P