The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo casting update

While waiting for something more consistent (photos or a teaser that should come out somewhere this spring), here is a small update.

French media report this morning that French actress Elodie Yung will play Lisbeth Salander's friend, Myriam Wu.

Yung mostly acted for television shows and her only major role was in a Luc Besson's 2009 ghetto gang flick "B13". If confirmed by the US production (not imdb listed yet), this could be the real breakthrough any thirty-something actress is dreaming of.

You can watch Yung's in full action here.


  1. You know... I have a hunch David Fincher might be reading this blog from time to time.

  2. Here's Zuckerberg talking about his viewing of The Social Network and what he thinks about the movie (what they got right, what they got wrong):

    The Winklevoss Twins also speak out.