The Truth Behind The Social Network

Critics dismiss David Fincher's 'Facebook Movie' as a work of fiction, whereas the filmmakers, Aaron Sorkin and Fincher, repeatedly stated, the film was fictionalized, yet "nothing was invented for the sake of Hollywoodizing it". This might lead to some interesting questions, what exactly is true about the film and what is not. And has compiled some interesting answers.

Mind you: If you haven't seen the film, this post and the article linked will obviously include spoilers.

Did Mark Zuckerberg really call his girlfriend a "Bitch" in a blog post while creating Facemash? Was Facemash real? If so, how did it get 22,000 hits when Harvard doesn’t have that many students? Was Rooney Mara’s character Erica Albright even a real person? Has Zuckerberg seen the movie, and if so, what does he think? If some or all of these questions were robbing your sleep, sigh no more.

A fact I found to be most stunning in this article, is that not only Sorkin based much of his dialogue in the deposition scenes on actual case files. Zuckerberg's hacking spree at the beginning of the movie is even based on Zuckerberg's own logfile of what he worked on that night – word by word, that is.

And yes, it is true:
Fight Club founder Tyler Durden has a facebook account. It's in the movie.

Here's the article:


  1. Fincher also said that the last scene of the movie is pure fiction.

  2. Technical explanation how they made the Winklevoss twins with one actor: