David Fincher french magazine interview

Over the last five years David Fincher has opened up to the media more than ever did before. I had to share with you this insightful interview.

This 5 pages interview is featured in culture and media magazine "Technikart". Interviewer is well know and shows extensive knowledge of Fincher's oeuvre. Here are some of the most relevant excerpts translated just for you Fincher Fans!

On the power of choosing his movies :

"There's a real difference between choosing projects in which you're involved and being able to decide the movies you want to make. Today, I have the power to say "OK, I like it, let's try and see how can we set up this thing." But I don't have the one to say "Hey guys, here's the movie I want to direct so please give me a 100 M$ check." In the case of The Social Network, I read the script and said : "Ok, I would love to do it, but only if things turn out this way. 1/We have to shoot immediately because the momentum is here, and otherwise it might just not be anymore. 2/Thanks for checking with your legal department and come back to me with the assurance that we'll shoot this script, and nothing but this script."

On his uncompromising reputation :

I want to know RIGHT FROM THE START which film we're committed on making each and everyone. I don't want to be involved in a situation where I said "Great, go for it" and then the actor says "Ok, I'm doing it, but I want my girlfriend to play the female lead" or "Great, on condition that my manager produces the film." (...) I have nothing against good ideas that we find along the way, I'm even the first to jump on it. But there has to be some document on which everybody agrees on and stands as a pact."

On happiness :

I'm happy of being able to work on my own terms. It's a tough job, not really a picnic, and I would rather be here now than where I was 15 years ago. I'm starting to have a pretty good idea about what this job requires and I'm lucky enough to spend most of my life with people of which I admire the work and want to give the best of themselves while working with me.

On being at his best :
I'm only beginning to measure the difference between what I can do and what I should do.

On Benjamin Button :

For better or for worse, I love this film and I'm proud of it. (...) they [the studio] decided to market it as a "Hallmark card". Pretty people in front of nice sunset... It didn't make as much money as they hoped it would do.

On Jeff Cronenweth :

I almost grew up with him. He was available, so I talked to him saying it was a comedy like Fight Club, a dark comedy. He liked the idea.

On The Social Network and Fight Club humor :

A lot of people first see the spoof and miss the bittersweet dimension of the movie. I think not everyone will be sensible to its melancholia. But who knows? When I said Fight Club was a comedy, they asked me what I have smoked...
What do you think? Was it worth it?


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