The Social Network - Bonus Material

Nope, this post is not about details of the upcoming DVD/BluRay release of "The Social Network"; it's a collection of great material that came flooding in the fincherfanatic inbox. Thanks to all contributors!

There is an amazing eight part article about The Social Network in the most unexpected of places:, the world's leading community for rowing sports news and info. In their ongoing series, Row2k devote their attention to "Rowing and the Art of the Social Network", that is mostly the experience of David Fincher and crew coming to England to shoot the much talked about Henley sequence of the film.

Rowing and the Art of The Social Network – Part I
Part II: Mr. Fincher comes to town
Part III: Those Guys are freakin' fast
Part IV: The actors arrive
Part V: Lights, camera, chaos
Part VI: Trouble in the tanks
Part VII: Hollywood comes to Henley
Part VIII: The (near) return of Henry Roosevelt

Then here are two interviews, a transcript interview with The Social Network Winklevoss Doppelgänger Armie Hammer, and a video of Aaron Sorkin's visit to Stephen Colbert's The Colbert Report.


...and here:


Then here's a very well done round-up of the music in The Social Network. In case you didn't notice (like myself): Apart from the film's score by Reznor and Ross, there is a total of 18 songs on the film's soundtrack.

The Reelsoundtrack blog put together the list, the scenes, the songs.
Very good.

  • Opening scene at the bar with his girlfriend
    "Ball And Biscuit" – White Stripes
  • Blogging on Live Journal after breakup
    "Man Fi Cool" – Roots Manuva
  • (unknown scene)
    "Dreadlock Holiday" – Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman (performed by 10cc)
  • Caribbean party
    "So I Wait" – Three Hour Tour
  • A capella singing group / thefacebook launches
    "I Swear" – UCLA’s Bruin Harmony
  • (unknown scene)
    "Like A Bad Girl Should" – The Cramps
  • Talk about moving to Palo Alto
    "Ital Visions" – Roots Manuva
  • Intern coding & drinking contest
    "California Uber Alles" – Dead Kennedys
  • Swimming pool zipline
    "West Coast Poplock" – Ronnie Hudson
  • Club with Sean Parker
    "The Sound Of Violence" – Dennis De Laat
  • Rowing competition in England
    "In the Hall of the Mountain King Op. 23" – Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross
  • After the rowing competition
    "Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba" – Lumiere String Quartet
  • Girls playing videogames
    "Crazy Baldhead" – Bob Marley & The Wailers
  • (unknown scene)
    "Hesitation" (Instrumental Version) – Exray’s
  • Zuckerberg and Sean Parker on the way to play trick on Case investments
    "Underground Rapstar" (Post-Mortem Remix) – Cage
  • Eduardo contract
    "Bleed Forever" – Super Furry Animals
  • House party
    "Black Book Lodge" – Gluecifer
  • Tries to add Erica as a friend / end credits
    "Baby, You’re A Rich Man" – The Beatles



  1. Amazing article from Dan Boyne about the shooting of the rowing scenes!! That's some great behind-the-scenes material... I didn't realize David Fincher still shouts at people on set and sets in place such a hierarchy.

    Thanks to all the people who regularly send in stuff for us fincherfanatics to read! Great community here, I love it.

  2. Better late then never... I've finally seen "The Social Network" :)

    A lot of stuff have been said already so I'll just point out my favorite things:

    1. The Editing - Holy shit, it's so great. Angus Wall & Kirk Baxter deserve every award there is for their work.

    2. The Writing - I felt like I was attacked by words ;) One great line after another.

    3. The Music - Cool, atmospheric, perfect for this movie. I think it's, as of now, my favorite score from a Fincher film.

    4. The Acting - Everyone was completely believable, very good performances all around.

    5. Sound - For courtroom drama, it sounds pretty cool ;)

    Fincher put together another remarkable movie.