Mark Zuckerberg's Opinion On The Social Network

That should be the weirdest thing to ever happen to you: Have a movie made about the stuff you did when you were twenty, and then have people ask you, whether the movie "got you right". Here's a video interview with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg... being asked that very question.

The main issue with The Social Network of course is, it is in its essence not about the founding of Facebook and it's not about Mark Zuckerberg, the real life person. It is a story of friendship and betrayal, of success and the price it makes you pay, told as a modern day internet/digital setting with contemporary themes, such as disconnection, anonymity, modern day dysfunctionality. Therefore it is rather obvious that David Fincher's and Aaron Sorkin's story will not be "exactly what happened" to Mark Zuckerberg in real life – it is (in that regard: rather unfairly) using Mark Zuckerberg as a character in its own thesis, to prove a point and fulfill a set of dramatic ambitions that real life events probably do not share.

Long story short: If you wanna hear how Zuckerberg dodges questions about the accuracy of the film, this little one hour video interview is highly recommended.
The Social Network part starts at 5:18. And it's rather entertaining.

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