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"Whether it’s film or digital, editing comes down to finding those little gems hidden in takes, extracting them, and putting them together in ways that make it interesting," explains Angus Wall of Rock Paper Scissors, editor of "The Social Network". And in this Editors Guild article, he has even more insightful things to say.

Big thanks to frequent contributor bulldozer for this great link. It is a discovery both for those strictly artistically or technically interested – and mostly for those interested in both.

Editing is an awe inspiring process. The last and the final time a movie comes to life is in the hands of the editor (not counting the possibility for a lousy projectionist to muck it all up last minute). And especially with a film like The Social Network that lives off performances, it is invaluable to have a trusted and able editor at your side, who finds the right moments and strings them up to a well paced, dynamic and dramatic emotional experience.

Because we wanted to keep the film as short as possible, we chose faster pieces, and cut scenes very tight while we were assembling. It’s an unusual situation when you actually have to add time back after the first assembly."

Angus Wall

If you aren't overly familiar with the special set of challenges and workflows of the hypermodern editing process, this article will probably stun you, just how much technical expertise and know-how Wall and his co-editor Kirk Baxter are bringing to the table.

The duo has edited Fincher's last couple of films and share a great insight in his methods, as well as the evolution of the technical mumbo-jumbo behind Fincher's complete workflow going digital.

Great read, definitely worth checking out:


  1. Thank you so much for this! Personally I think one of the best things about Social Network is how well it is edited. Another amazing job by this team.

  2. yeah, I wonder if the shorter cut was better...

  3. I love behind the scenes articles, especially if they are technical! Thanks for this!!