Fincher To Sign Studio Movie Deal?

Another proof that David Fincher's career is gaining huge momentum: Hollywood Reporter says the director is in negotiations with film funding company MRC Studios.

Filming The Social Network and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo almost back to back, overlooking production of The Goon, and a lot more, Fincher is busier than ever. Now moving a step forward, Fincher may be in talk with MRC to fund his next two pictures.

Already partnering with MRC for House Of Cards series (see 2009 announcement), which yet has to materialize, Fincher could possibly sign a 2 picture deal this time. Films could be "crime oriented thrillers" which mean we may see old projects resurfacing very soon (remember "The Killer"?).

We'll keep you updated...

Hollywood Report News
MRC Studios


  1. Thanks, Gould. Amazing news. And indeed: If you check David Fincher's IMDB profile, the very first thing that happened after this financing announcement was The Killer back in "pre-production".

    Fine with me...

  2. check

  3. Countdown to TSN has begun. God, I hope it does not disappoint like Button!

  4. Dude, no more "crime thrillers". Let's keep doing diverse stories and genres, like Chef or Rama or 20,000 Leagues. The thoughts of The Killer and Ness being next just put me to sleep.

  5. Speculation is that the "thriller" is TORSO and the second film will be THE GOON.

    CHEF and RAMA are definitely not happening (I think CHEF may have been a bit of backhanded slap at Fincher on his way out from Paramount, and RAMA has been dead for years).

    He's never agreed to do 20,000 LEAGUES, only agreed to read the screenplay when it's finished (although I think this could be a very cool underwater 3D thing).

    I think it's TORSO.

  6. Yeah man, no more thrillers please... please vary your material a bit more, it's bad enough actors get typecast all the time...