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Added further »The Social Network« reviews, still raving; from New York Times, Box office Magazine, the New York Post and Variety.

It is hard not to run into a raving review for David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin's »The Social Network« these days. And there is talk from numerous sides that this may be Fincher's shot at the Oscar. Finally. What a good place to be for a fanatic...

To let you in on the fun, we've collected a host of reviews here (and will add further as they pop up) for you to delve into and get pumped for this flick. The screenplay has been floating around the webosphere for more than a year. We have the teaser and trailers to look at. But I honestly believe nothing prepares you for how awe inspiring this movie will be. The more I read the less I can wait to see this...

The Social Network is a high-velocity art film about greed and human values and shadows and feelings of loneliness surrounding and blanketing everything. Fincher is up for Best Director, guaranteed.

– Jeffrey Wells
Hollywood Elsewhere

Long stories short, big thanks to all contributors.
Here's the avalanche:

UPDATES 2010/09/24


  1. I haven't read one single negative review for this film yet. Very rare. But I have to add I am still not sure this film is going to work, the story Facebook and all is just not very interesting to me. I know it's not about Facebook but more about the people and what happened behind the scenes but for me it's not a compelling movie so far. The only Fincher films I didn't like were Panic Room and Curious Case of Benjamin Button, with one being just too polished and beautiful for its own sake and the other just trying too hard. My hope for this film (TSN) is that it's more like Zodiac, were at first my thinking was, come on, not another thriller, and then it turned out Fincher tackled the subject unlike any way I had imagined and it turned out brilliant. My guess would be that Fincher has found an interesting treatment of this story that will find so much resonance with reviewers. That's just saying, my imagination wouldn't have been rich enough on its own to envision the groundwork of the founding of Facebook to make for a very compelling story. But my hope is Fincher has this imagination.

  2. Too long, did not read.

    Fincher can touch MC Hammer.

  3. So many great reviews!! Thank you, as always for the great round up. :)