Sophie Lowe Talks Dragon Tattoo Casting

David Fincher is about to make one of the most vital decisions for his upcoming Stieg Larsson adaptation, "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo": Casting the film's striking female lead, Lisbeth Salander. And as it seems, he has not had enough of the process...

Sophie Lowe, an Australian actress (Beautiful Kate, Blame), recently auditioned and screen tested with Fincher in L.A. and has a few more insights into the further process: "I've heard that Fincher will test as many as six [more] actresses this time, and the stakes have been raised. Daniel Craig will read alongside the aspirants, and each of them will get the full hair, makeup, wardrobe, and piercings treatment, which wasn't done in the earlier tests."

With his male lead in place and the hunt for Lisbeth going to screen-testing stage, a decision could be only days away. And production kicking off this fall seems more than a possibility, to say the least.

I am especially curious about Zaillian's treatment of the screenplay in regards to the materials first, Swedish adaptation. Interestingly this story will also be set in "Stockholm, Uppsala and the north", as Fincher confirmed in the recent MTV interviews -- which should make the two film adaptations even more comparable.

Stay tuned for more news.
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  1. Why do they have to do a remake anyway? The original is good as it is... doesn't need any improving. And if they don't want to "americanise" it, and stick to all original details anyway, what's the point?