The Social Network: Promotion Begins!

We have endured painstakingly long months of Fincher absence. Now Columbia has officially begun their promotional work for his next movie, "The Social Network", otherwise known as "The Facebook Movie".

The film's official website just went up on: And on it you can not only register for updates and recommend the site on facebook (how fitting): You also and most importantly get a glimpse at the film's first poster, which reads the amazing headline, "You don't get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies."

Beautiful artwork, featuring a headshot of Jesse Eisenberg as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. And a typography that reminds me a lot of the one for "Zodiac".

I am very glad promotion has finally kicked off. We might only be weeks away from a decent trailer. And of course it's only a couple more months to watch David Fincher's brand new next film.

Yay, awesome!

Big thanks to Christopher for the find.

How do you guys like it?

Go to the film's official site:


  1. Yes!!! Finally! Thanks for the find! I can't wait.

  2. Wow, this is cool. I like it.

  3. There's actually a good chance we'll get a trailer this coming week with "Grown Ups," another Columbia Pictures release. If not next week, then hopefully with "Salt" on July 23 (the next Columbia release). Granted, it could be with any movie this summer, but I'm willing to bet the studio attaches the trailer to one of their own pics, and doing so right around/before all the big July 4th releases would be the perfect opportunity. That's why my money's on this week coming week...

  4. This poster actually looks like a book cover!

  5. damn, i can't even imagine what this film is going to look like given david's constantly changing and evolving visual style.. i wonder if he might go all loose and handheld given the material.. trailer please, now.

  6. There probably will be a continous 3d shot moving through a coffee mug on Zuckerbergs desk. To support the story and the acting, of course.

  7. it s on
    go and see :
    right now!