The Game Articles

I apologize for my lack of time writing up a decent post for these following items. One the other hand: I know you will gladly use your time reading the articles I am linking, instead of my philosophizing about them...

Big thanks to J.D. for pointing me to these superb reviews of David Fincher's 1997 classic "The Game": Spiced with great behind the scenes info on the making of this intense thriller and mouthwatering enough to want to pop in the DVD and give the film yet another viewing it fully deserves.

No more from me. Enjoy the reads!

Feature Article about THE GAME, Radiator Heaven

Article on Michael Douglas in THE GAME, Lazy Eye Theatre
A Scene of Note from THE GAME, Lazy Eye Theatre


  1. "be a pirate!"

  2. I wonder if David Fincher is still going to do the commentary on the anniversary DVD of Chinatown, given the recent events around Roman Polanski's rape charge.

  3. Seems appropriate, if I remember the Chinatown plot correctly. They should trash that bastard for the rest of his life!

  4. Irene In Time makes me vomit.

  5. Thanks for posting those links!