Not Perfect Yet

A script review is up for David Fincher's possible next, THE SOCIAL NETWORK, written by Aaron Sorkin. And what one reads, sounds very promising...

"Unpredictable, funny, touching and sad" are the attributes picked to describe the story. The full review obviously contains SPOILERS, which is why I carefully chicken-picked lines here and there, without delving into it too deeply. But indeed it seems, that Mr. Reviewer sees the core of drama and a lot of potential in that story of a friendship torn apart. I can see this work, too, totally. And especially so when Fincher gives Sorkin additional script notes to his... (brace yourselves)... FIRST DRAFT!

A few links, enjoy:

...and the full review here:


  1. 162 pages, doesn't really sound like Sorkin. I was expecting something north of 300! It is a first draft though so we may see the script go up to 200 and over with Fincher attached, like Zodiac did. I can already see the old drama play out: Fincher will shoot this with agonizing perfectionism, such as using the original source code of the facebook site with the authentic daily changes, he'll shoot it wearing out his decent actors and after about two years in post-production he will cut down his four hour movie to just under three.

    I'm in anway.

  2. i trust fincher. i read the whole review, word for word. somehow, i'm still not convinced this can become a great movie. but then again, it's just my ego talking, because probably (and unconsciously) i wished fincher would chart known territory.

    that's the reason i think he is approaching films like "chef" and this, to subvert expectations, to change pace. thinking about it a little longer, it makes perfect sense.

    what i still don't understand is him sharing credit with another director who worked on tv shows mostly. thomas schlamme has worked on most sorkin's tv shows, so it makes sense he is involved, but i still can figure this one out... thoughts?

  3. * CAN'T figure this one out.


  4. why bash the schlamme guy? good directors can get a start in tv and move on, can't they? maybe fincher is in for some experimentation since ben button. heavy metal, now working with a co-director. no?

  5. hello anon. i didn't mean to bash schlamme. sorry if it came out like i did.

    it's perfectly possible for a tv director to become a very talented feature director (there are probably more, but jj abrams comes to mind). i agree with you that fincher might be in for some experimentation, but given the absolute need (and/or strive) for perfection that he shows time and time again, it's difficult to imagine him having to give in to someone else's vision, as it would most definately be the case in a co-direction (i've been there...).

    someone already mentioned this very same argument and if i'm not mistaken, right here on fincherfanatic.

    it's just my two cents. take it lightly.