I couldn't believe my eyes, when I sat through the rear title credits on "Wall-E" and a Special Thanks credit for David Fincher came up. What could that be for, I wondered. And thanks to some research, and contributions from Craig, Fitz and Christophe, I now know a little more...

Answering the question what Fincher did to earn his credit, director Andrew Stanton had this to say in a recent interview:

"It was his DP Harry Savides who did a lot of Gus van Sant movies that I was looking at at the time. And I loved how he used the camera for shallow focus on the stuff. And then he made this sort of intimacy with the camera—even in these sort of urban blight settings. And I thought, "That's perfect, 'cause I'm in a world where it's dystopian, and you've got these two metal boxes fall in love. Where am I going to get the intimacy? I'll do it with the camera." So I wanted to sort of talk to Harry Savides about that..."

Duh ...and all this time I was thinking Fincher might have been the one to suggest to make it a love story instead of an all-out space battle action flick...

Here's another follow-up read on this from New York Magazine:
So How Come David Fincher Got a Special Thanks in the Credits of Wall-E, Anyway?


  1. it's not about Wall-e but...

    does anybody know what is the real relation between Finch' and Ceán Chaffin ?

    she is mentioned as producer in his last films but she seems to be more...no?

    where can i find a photo of Cean?

    thanks in advance

  2. Aparently she never gave an interview. The press say she is his girlfriend, but she seems more like his wife, even though there is no indication he is married.

    Go to - http://www.gettyimages.com - type "Cean Chaffin" on the search box and you'll find some pictures of her. She is the blonde one.

    She is very low profile and probably works on Fincher's films to get the inside track on the producing team, meaning - to call the shots with the studio, since Fincher never really produced any of his films.

  3. thanks a lot Thiago !