Pitt, Blanchett and Fincher

Promoting a big film like "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" sounds like a big gig in and of itself. What's amazing is that for both Pitt and Blanchett the actual shooting on the film probably ended more than a year ago, and still now here they are, having to travel all over this planet and answer the same old questions and a bare few good and new ones for a seeming infinity. That's certainly not their favorite part of the job, I suppose. Much less for David Fincher.

So considering all that the trio holds up very well. I have found these two interview bits with the illustrious trio that I found very much worth watching, since David Fincher talks about what got him interested in the project and what motivated him to devote six years of his life to the making of the film.

Fincher's message:

"Life Is Just Difficult!"

Other topics include aging, dipers and tips on eating a whale.

Youtube.com: Benjamin Button Interview, One
Youtube.com: Benjamin Button Interview, Two

Here's a little bonus video, featuring the Finch, Taraji and Jake Gyllenhaal talk about the film. And I am amused to see that after their supposed feud over working on "Zodiac" Gyllenhaal seems to be still quite the fan:

David Fincher's Got Style


  1. The second interviewer in the brown press room is just plain horrible. Bad English, question after question instead of handling a conversation... and that Mark Twain quote in the beginning to seem deep, thoughtful and educated... ugh! It was just overprepared and without style. And you notice how they get pissed off in the beginning when he starts like a preacher... and they look at him with a glazed expression that says: "Who let this guy in? Who the fuck does he think he is?"... They should have brought in Fincherfanatic, he would have done a way better job!

  2. And how he says Brad Pitt didn't do anything in the movie... hilarious! The idiot obviously doesn't know anything about acting, he thinks acting equals making funny faces and being extroverted! Pitt rightly looks at Fincher and expresses "Can you believe this guy??".

  3. There was never a feud between Jake Gyllenhaal and David Fincher that was always a media concoction. Jake just once complained about the endless takes which The Finch is notorious for.

    Fincher defended Jake when Jeffrey Wells attacked his performance in Rendition; Fincher "interviewed" Jake when the latter was promoting one of his films.

    Gyllenhaal presented Benjamin Button at The Golden Globes and gave a speech on Finchers behalf at the Santa Barbara Film Fest.

    That doesn't seem like any kind of feud to me.

  4. Hey, Jesus, good to have you on the site!

    I agree that "feud" between Fincher and Gyllenhaal was mostly cooked up by the media. To my understanding some reports were making it sound like Fincher was referring to Gyllenhaal, when he said things like he expects people to have done their homework when they walk on set; implying Gyllenhaal hadn't done just that.

    I have seen a short video of Gyllenhaal's speech at the Santa Barbara Film Fest, and I thought the same thing: That Fincher and him never had a real feud.

    @ Brent

    I have never interviewed anybody in my life. But if I ever get a chance to conduct a one on one talk with Fincher I sure hope to do a better job... ;-)