Incredible Glimpse At VFX

Thanks to Thiago for finding this invaluable item: A link to a special showcase site of the amazing visual effects work on "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button". Even for those, who think they saw everything there was to this movie -- the visual effects crew probably did a lot more than you imagined ...

The link is provided by, where they say the website is a special showcase for the "visual effects branch for Oscar voting". So it might be taken down soon.

Can't wait for the multi-disc DVD set for this one.
Hurry to get a glimpse. -- Enjoy: Learn the FX secrets of 'Benjamin Button'


  1. It should be a 10 disc set. I want to see it every single day of shooting and how they did every single thing. That's how much I loved the movie.

  2. username and password should be given in the incontention site. Check again. Last time I checked it was still on and working.

  3. It's a testament to Fincher's versatility that he never let the wealth of technological expertise required to pull the project off bog down the humanity of the story.

    It's really sad that a lot of douchey internet lemmings (who probably haven't even seen it) are deeming the movie crap because they saw a snide 60 second youtube video that displays how it shares a few incidental plot points with Forrest Gump. People have become too lazy to think for themselves nowadays. If you're going to completely write Button off on the basis that it's a beat for beat copy of Gump, all you're doing is flaunting your ignorance and establishing yourself as an automaton.

  4. Yeah you were right. I jump the gun and didn't read the site.

    Thanks for the great post guys

  5. You are so right Freddy.

    Good to know that there still are people who are not lazy to think for themselves and I guess here is a good place to know some of them.

  6. Yeah you are so right Freddy. And smart. God bless you.

  7. Hey fincherfanatic, why not write your own review for your blog if you've seen the movie? Maybe from the perspective of a screenwriter? Would be interesting.

  8. @ Brent

    I certainly can't wait to do that!

    I have the tickets for an advanced screening here on January 28th, and will probably see it twice over the first weekend.