CBS's "Benjamin Button" VFX Featurette

Found this amazing featurette on the visual effects work of "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button", which was aired on CBS. It shows you how they accomplished the most stunning and yet mostly invisible effects of the film!

I am astonished and amused at the same time, when I hear of people, who came out of "Benjamin Button" and didn't have the slightest idea that the stunning aging effects weren't traditional make-up but the most advanced digital technology. It shows that David Fincher and his Digital Domain team have truly employed the effects to support the story, and have done a great job at it.

It certainly is one thing, knowing how the effects work on a theoretical level. But it's a whole different ball-game once you see the original footage faded into the vfx shot.

Amazing video. Enjoy! The Curious Case Of Brad Pitt


  1. Incredible. Almost all of those shots in the first 52 minutes are totally seamless too. I was talking to my parents who saw (and loved) the film and they assumed they did the "young" Benjamin scenes entirely with Pitt in makeup with forced perspective a la LOTR hobbits.

  2. I have the soundtrack now. It's beautiful.

  3. Here's a video interview with Jim Uhls, the screenwriter of Fight Club:

    He talks about Fight Club and the craft of screenwriting.

  4. Damn... what an arrogant prick Jim Uhls is. The reason for writing screenplays instead of articles? MONEY.
    And he seems to be very content with himself, to the point of being a douchebag.