Benjamin Button Press Conference

This will come mighty late for everyone who has seen this film a month ago, but fresh as can be for the international territories where it's just now being released: A more than 40 minute long Question & Answer session with Brad Pitt and David Fincher.

You can tell there is a chemistry between actor and director, and with Mr. Pitt and Mr. Fincher having brought us SE7EN, FIGHT CLUB and THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON one can only hope for future collaborations of the two.

My favorite Fincher moment in this:

"If you say something with enough confidence, it doesn't matter
if it's true. That's Hollywood!"

Thanks to Alexander for finding and sharing the link.



  2. Gotta hate the French.

  3. i always find curious that nobody on this blog (in comments) talk about Brad.

    for everybody here, Fincher is the best director!
    for Fincher, Pitt is the best actor!
    what do you conclude?

    i really hope the 2 friends will win an oscar in their respective categories.

    it's the first time for both of them.

    Go David!
    Go Brad!

  4. Fincher isn't the best director for me.
    And where do you get the information that Pitt is the best actor for Fincher? Guessing? ...

    Furthemore, what is the definition of the "best" actor? Number of faces he can pull of? Beauty? Bankability?

    I don't think there is such a thing as a "best actor"... the world is more complicated than you think, my friend.

  5. Why has David Fincher remade Forrest Gump?

  6. The Gump remake allegations are a little flimsy since they're coming almost entirely from people in the blogosphere who worship filmmakers like Tarantino that have committed actual, blatant acts of mimickry. I think this alleged controversy basically boils down to the fact people in this day and age are so disconnected from humanity that they're predisposed to hate films like Button, and they've found in the Gump ripoff angle a justification vessel for their hatred that they're milking for all it's worth. Most of them probably don't even fully believe that it's a total carbon copy, they're just saying it for effect and to flex their superiority muscles over the Hollywood machine even though none of them would be talented enough to write something that a filmmaker of Fincher's caliber would even give a passing glance. If you disregard what the film had to offer entirely on the premise that it was a remake of Gump, any other cinematic assertion you've made before or after should be instantly invalidated.

  7. I guess some people, like Anonymous 2, sometimes get carried away with their fanboism.

  8. Hey Matt J. such an original criticism...NOT.

    You got to love when someone, who can't even come up with his own criticism, accuses Fincher of copying.

    The trolls have been out in full force this Oscar season haven't they? This has to be one of the dirtiest Oscar campaigns I can remember.

  9. Knox,

    your pseudo-intellectual comment doesn't cover for the fact that some people blindly defend and idealize everything Fincher does.


  10. I have a big erection right now.

  11. I think that Knox has said it best, the criticism labeled against Benjamin Button has a lot to do with a sector manifesting their hatred by using this comparison over anything the film has to offer. The media, including the LA times, has been on a slumdog erection and poised it as the film to beat at the academy awards. Fincher's films always divide audiences, this one seems to do so even more than fight club. The people that like it, really like it, same as the opposite. Danny Boyle had just won the DGA, a precursor to the academy award for best director. I suspect members of the voting audience flocked for Slumdog because of the accolades it's received, not because Fincher arguably had the harder job...

  12. mVideo version of the Guardian podcast