Ben Button Cast & Crew Reactions To Noms

Big thanks to Mikez who has found these reactions from the cast and crew of "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" to their total of 13 well deserved Oscar nominations! No moderation need, these speak for themselves ...

"Benjamin Button was truly a labor of love and I am humbled by the nomination.
On behalf of the producers, cast and crew, I’d like to thank the Academy, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros and most of all the city of New Orleans who gave birth to Benjamin."
-- David Fincher

"This is a great honor for the movie, and I’m especially happy for David Fincher, for without him there would be no Ben Button."
-- Brad Pitt

"I am very excited, deeply honored and grateful. I thank Laray Mayfield, David Fincher, Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy for giving me the opportunity to bring Queenie to life."
-- Taraji P. Henson

"I happen to love the people I did this one with. It's real satisfying to feel like you have some kind of acceptance and success, that people like your work. What's nice is I wrote this for my mom when she was passing away, so this is special."
-- Eric Roth

"I couldn't be better. It's fabulous. First of all, I'm French, not American. Second, I'm a movie fan. I've been watching movies since I was 14 and dreaming of the Oscars and of all the great composers that have come before. To be one of so many is fabulous. Once is once, twice is twice. You know what's different? When you hit once, you think, I've been very lucky and it's great. When you hit twice, you think, I've been lucky, but I've been working very hard. So the second time is even more rewarding, because it means your journey is a long one and lasts longer than you would ever expect"
-- Alexandre Desplat

"It's pretty stunning. To be able to get two nominations in a single category and work with David Fincher and Andrew Stanton in the same year, I'm just overwhelmed. I was lying in bed and my wife ran upstairs to tell me and soon my phone was ringing off the hook. To be recognized in the two films I mixed last year, my heart's pounding. Is this possible? I guess it is. I'm trying to take it all in and enjoy it."
-- Michael Semanick (sound mixing)

"I was making coffee in the kitchen. It feels wonderful, I'm so excited, excited for David (Fincher) and Cean (Chaffin) who gave birth to the baby, and for Eric Roth, it was such a great collaboration. It's no less exciting (the second time), there's nothing like it. You feel like queen for a day."
-- Jacqueline West (costume design)

"It's my birthday! It's a pretty amazing birthday present. I felt the most emotion with David (Fincher)'s nomination. I was surprised to see myself welling up. I thought I was a little harder than that. It's only my second movie, so I don't have a lot of knowledge of Hollywood and how it works so I feel like an outsider that's been let in. I feel like a passenger on a speeding train. It's incredible."
-- Kirk Baxter (film editing)

"We're incredibly excited, not only for myself but this is a huge nod for my team that worked so hard and the other visual effects teams. It's kind of overwhelming. I was driving in and started thinking about all the hard work it takes just to get an opportunity. I started in this business doing episodic TV for Steven Spielberg and came (to Digital Domain) to do commercials. David Fincher got me and was willing to give me opportunities. He believed in me."
-- Eric Barba (visual effects)

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  1. What a great movie it is, one of the best form that year.