Clips & Interviews

Big thanks to Kevin for finding these: On their 'For Your Consideration' site, Paramount has now put online Clips & Interview for "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button", featuring many of the leading creative heads from the production, from wardrobe to makeup, from editing and sound-design to the composer. And of course David Fincher himself!

I like the atmosphere in these clips, which feel sort of like a pre-production meeting of the director and his creative collaborators. You get a glimpse of many previously unreleased scenes from the film and an idea of the vast scope of this production.

Enjoy them while they are on:
Paramount: Clips & Interviews


  1. Who is the guy conducting these roundtables? The one with glasses and a mustache.

    He seems very familiar, like I've seen him somewhere. Isn't he a "Variety kind of guy" or the likes?

    PS: What a great way to talk about the technical aspects of the film. I wouldn't mind sitting through a "commentary/making of" where the creators of the film would sit through a screening and pause it so they can discuss some scenes or moments in details. I hope they include something like that in the dvd.

  2. @ thiago (sorry I don't know how to make these fancy brackets)

    I think he hosts the Muppet Show.

  3. Not really THAT hard to find, is it? But thanks anyway, Thiago.

  4. Thanks Anonymous One, I looked him up and don't think it's him.

    Anonymous Two, I don't know what you mean but I didn't know (and still don't know) who he is. It is hard for me to find. I'm just curious, that's all.

  5. Hey [Thiago],
    Mustached moderator is Peter Biskind, author of 'Easy Riders, Raging Bulls'.

  6. Thanks a lot Simon!

  7. Thiago you're right, he's a contributing editor at Vanity fair magazine.

  8. Let's just call him "mustache guy" or "beardface".