Benjamin Button: From Page To Screen recently published an article by Eugene Novikov, talking about the adaptation process of F. Scott Fitzgerald's short story to Eric Roth's screenplay for the upcoming David Fincher film. Thanks to frequent contributor Shannon for digging up the link. Because iT's quite an informative read ...

What's great about the article is that it gives an objective account of the changes that were put into place from short story to feature film, while keeping it very light spoilerwise. Also there is no false literary praise of Fitzgerald -- or quite the contrary: Novikov critically points out the shortcomings of Fitzgeralds narration, and says that the story has a brilliant idea at its core ... one that was never properly executed in its richness and potential for emotional impact.

"Maybe the right way to look at this isn't to say that the movie takes Fitzgerald's short story and adds all sorts of extraneous material to make it fill a feature film. Maybe the answer, instead, is that Fincher and Roth will truly explore an idea that Fitzgerald was content to merely toy with."

In Roth we trust to get it right. And with Fincher in the director's chair, what can really go wrong?

In any case what this article does is add more fuel to the fire and build up the proper hype for what is probably the most anticipated film of the year -- at least for us!

Sounds like fun? Here's the link: From Page to Screen "Benjamin Button"

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