"The Goon" Optioned By David Fincher

"A twisted and f--king hilarious series following a deformed hard case as he deals with the undead, Lovecraftian creatures and gypsy curses. Think a depression-era Hellboy with an even more twisted sense of humor."

Does that sound like David Fincher material? You bet it does! And that's what Fincher and Dark Horse Entertainment must have thought, when they optioned the material to be produced as a CG-animated feature. At least so it is rumored at aintitcool.com.

According to the site, Fincher is set to produce with not set timeframe or release date. Let's just hope it won't dive into development for too long (the likes of "Torso", "The Killer" or "Rendezvous With Rama").

I know many fanatics have been waiting for an animated film by Fincher. And while him producing a film will definitely work, I am still holding out for a CGI-spectacle he will actually direct himself!

Maybe some "Monsters Inc 2" for Pixar? "Hellboy" style?!
Sorry, I'm dreaming ...

Big thanks to Thiago!
Here are the sources:

Aintitcool.com: Ready for this ...?


  1. between this and heavy metal, i really hope he starts directing animation with this one. let's wait and see...

  2. Must be a slow news day.

  3. He already has like 10 movies he is suppose to direct!!!!

  4. The iPhone 3G commercial is now airing on US tv nationwide.

  5. Relax, guys... he only optioned it, that doesn't mean it will actually get made. Lots of books or comics get optioned without ending up as a movie. And it doesn't mean Fincher will end up doing it, if it gets made.

    Interesting that Blur Studios is in prospect of animating it, they animated the SoftBank commercial for Fincher with Brad Pitt in it.

  6. i've read somewhere (sorry for not linking it, i honestly don't remember) that fincher will not direct this one, he'll only be a producer, and the creator of the comics, eric powell, will be the scriptwriter on this.

  7. Eric Powell? Nice. He's a good storytellr.