"Benjamin Button" Writer Interview

I've just realized I had never known what Eric Roth looked like. Mr Roth is the inapprehensibly talented writer behind David Fincher's upcoming cinematic attraction "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" -- and many many more stunningly big and epic Hollywood films.

The interview I want to share with you guys was shot during an UCLA Alumnus awards ceremony, where Eric Roth was honored for his great achievements in screenwriting. Roth, who had himself studied at UCLA, has since written the screenplays for such awe-inspiring classics as "Forrest Gump", "The Postman", "The Insider" and "Munich" ... and quite honestly, he's always the first screenwriter that comes to my mind, when I think "epic".

Many Fincher (and Roth) fans have understandably already devoured the screenplays for "Benjamin Button", and the buzz is, it's quite a killer script. I remember an art department woman talking about the picture quite a while back and her saying, that "Benjamin Button" had been the only screenplay ever to make her cry. -- Wow!

So this is it: An interview with one of the greats in the business, talking about this career, his daily routine, what makes a good writer, and of course ... "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". Enjoy!

Link: Eric Roth Interview, June 2008


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