Fincher's Button Pushed

"With the strike over, many of the studios are re-assessing their film release schedules over the coming days and Paramount was the first to announce their new line-up today with barely a film title left untouched by delays."

Doesn't sound good? You're right. Among with many others David Fincher's new masterpiece "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" was assigned to a new, later release date. We're talking no less than a 25-day longer starve for this year's cinematic highlight: December 19th 2008. On the the other hand, hey, this is closer to Christmas. And it could have been worse. They could have done the same thing they did with "Zodiac" and dumped the film into march 2009.

So the good side is this: The film might now be in an even better spot for next year's Oscar season ... and it gives Fincher three more weeks to tweak editing and effects!

More info on the Paramount's delays here.


  1. I almost got a heart attack... So there is at least one guy in Paramount that knows that he's got a possible Best Movie of the Year in his hands :)

  2. at least it was not 6 months, like some films in their line-up.

  3. Was Z dumped into spring? I was under the impression all involved parties agreed on the push back so that the film wouldn't be rushed out in a wet state. Same kinda situation with Fight Club where the producers went to Finch and asked him if given his druthers would he want to spend more time fine tuning and he replied categorically in the affirmative.

  4. "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, don't do this to me Stanley"