Fincher To Direct "Black Hole"

The last few months have seen an overwhelming glut of possible new projects for David Fincher, covering such diverse grounds as science-fiction ("Rendezvous With Rama"), wartime-drama ("They Fought Alone"), and diverse comic-book adaptions ("Heavy Metal", "The Killer" and "Torso"). Now Variety reports yet another one: Fincher is set to direct the adaptation of Charles Burns graphic novel "Black Hole" -- with Pitt's Plan B producing.

The story sounds highly interesting to me, "a mysterious, sexually transmitted plague descends on the teenagers of Seattle in the 1970s", and the comic book is described to "[transcend] its genre by deftly exploring a specific American cultural moment in flux and those who are caught in it."

Well, honestly, everything just elevates to a level that I find interesting, once David Fincher is attached, because I know that he will make sure to explore the themes of the story to the fullest -- and not for a second do we have to worry it may be poorly executed. Also, on its Wikipedia site, "Black Hole" is described as evoking "the feel and atmosphere of classic 70s teen horror films like The Last House On The Left, Carrie and Halloween". Sure sounds like fanastic Fincher material!

The mere overdose of projects that are in talks makes me a little cautious though, since there is no certainly which of these many projects will really move forward and ever make it into production. I guess now with the writer's strike being over, Fincher will be able to work on the development of several scripts parallel -- and then it will be a matter of circumstances, which film will first be greenlit, and which one Fincher feels most confident about and most drawn to directing.

Let's see what's coming. -- Thanks to Thiago, Angus and Kevin for digging this up. Here's a few links to follow up on the news:

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  1. i was so excited i didn't think about the whole "not everyone of those will make into feature films".

    it's "kubrick state of mind" now patience, a lot of patience, because only time will tell...

  2. i haven't seen it, but doesn't that sound much like "american graffiti"? not the pleague part, but this 70s teenage-angst kind of thing. don't know if this sounds "perfect" for fincher. but i guess that depends how much of it will be horror and how much will be drama. anyone her know the comic books?

  3. I'm selfishly rooting that he'll FINALLY tackle Rendezvous after BB since we've yet to see a Fincher sci-fi film that he had complete creative control over...Alien 3 doesn't count as a veritable Fincher effort from this particular genre for my money since the studio goons tampered with all phases of its production. I fear however that a faithful Rama adaptation would be less commercially viable than Z and if unsuccessful on a similar financial scale could hamper the scope of his future projects further. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Benjamin dominates at the box office and at award ceremonies so that Finch's subsequent follow up film is something he gets carte blanche with on a level heretofore unseen even compared to what he was able to get away with on everything post-Alien 3.