Update: More Q&A With David Fincher

Somebody posted this on IMDB.com: It's basically a longer version of the Q&A that happened after David Fincher screened his Director's Cut for "Zodiac". And as always I am glued to every word he is speaking!

The different topics in this include why David Fincher decided to go all digital as opposed to traditional film-based cinematography and what he liked about the specific look the VIPER would give him. Also there is some interesting mention of the work on the script and how David Fincher's vision was different from James Vanderbilt's first draft.

If this article turns out to be the full Q&A of that evening it becomes clear that it was way too short! But I guess the commentary tracks on the DVD should more than make up for that.


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  1. amazing, amazing, amazing.

    and it's also amazing the fact that i can't get enough of what fincher thinks about making films in general.

    i wish i was there.

    thanks for this.

    all the best...