The Evolution Of Sound On "Zodiac"

In the wake of the recent hype about David Fincher's Director's Cut for ZODIAC, the upcoming the release of this very product and the following awards-season, what better early-Christmas or pre-release gift to make you than a remarkable article about the creation of ZODIAC's sound and music.

The article from MIX Magazine is subtitled "music [and] effects capture an era" to describe the dilligence and perfectionism Fincher's sound-team put on display in order to make the late 60's and early 70's come back alive. And it truly is amazing to see just what insane lengths these people will go to in order to get the perfect sound.

Longtime Fincher collaborator Ren Klyce offers yet another impressive look into his profession, as he has done on the must-have PANIC ROOM Special Edition DVD: From choosing the right source-material for his sounds to the right place to record them, and about his approach of layering sounds in order to achieve depth. His minuteness and dedication to the ideal sound for telling the story absolutely resembles Fincher's ambitions: They both stop at nothing until they have the perfect result!

Another insightful aspect of the article is the described work-relationship of Fincher and Klyce, as it shows that soundwise Fincher does not "dictate" but "collaborate"; maybe more so than in other areas (e.g. photography). Due to Klyce's influence the musical concept changed and evolved from an original "sound effects with a bunch of songs from the time only" -- to a nearly 40-minute score by David Shire.

Impressive. Devour it here:
And thanks a lot to Thiago for pointing us to it!


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