"The Killer" Online!

The recent news about Paramount buying the rights to the comic book "The Killer" and wanting to make it into one of David Fincher's next movies certainly did strike a nerve with many of you: Thanks for your emails! And prepare for some awesome links ...

Obviously any news about a new David Fincher film is exciting.
No matter what genre, no matter what story-line, Fincher seems to always be able to find a way to make it interesting. And if there is one thing we, the fanatic fans, know for sure, it's that Fincher will do it with style and nearing filmmaking perfection!

What is especially great about THE KILLER is that this possible new project is based on a visual source material to begin with, pictures and a story -- which gives us plenty to look at to see what we can look forward to being excited about!

So here it is:

Thanks to Thiago, who took a deep dive and resurfaced with free and totally legal samples of Jacamon & Matz's "THE KILLER" comic book -- 32 pages entirely!

And thanks also to Vaughan, who made an equally mind-boggling discovery: An animated webcomic of the first 12 episodes of Book One of THE KILLER -- available for free online viewing!

Sounds great?
Check these links out:

THE KILLER | Samples at Newsarama.com

THE KILLER | 12 Episodes of Book One


  1. Honestly: Can't you just literally SEE Brad Pitt playing the killer? -- That would rock the house! ;-)

  2. i agree with you fincherfanatic... he IS the right man for the job.

    i hope that this announcement doesn't turn out to be just a "development thing", similar to TORSO, that so far we haven't heard anything more than the usual "it is being developed with fincher attached to direct".

    at least allesandro camon is not a member of wga, which means they can get the script developed the way fincher wants it, until they come back from the strike and andrew kevin walker steps in to give it a fincher-look.

  3. This looks super cool and Pitt is always great, so another Fincher/Pitt effort would be amazing. But I still have my fingers crossed about Randezvous with Rama