Jake Gyllenhaal Interview By David Fincher

Fellow FincherFanatic Tommy came by the newsstands and noticed this definitely-shareworthy item: The October issue of Interview Magazine features a talk with Graysmith-impersonator Jake Gyllenhaal ... conducted by none other than Mr. David Fincher.

On the IM official website you have two options: You can read a short excerpt from their interview on the mainpage (when following the link to the "Cover Story") or, which I almost overlooked, you can listen two round-about 3 minutes of Fincher and Jake shooting BS in the bottom right hand corner.

The main focus of the interview is Jake's new movie "Rendition" by south-african director Gavin Hood. And the film being about controverse american military practices, it has Fincher and Gyllenhaal talk a great deal about war and its effects on society and the people. And while what is freely available on the Interview Magazine homepage is only an excerpt (obviously they want to sell some copies, you know), a Jake Gyllenhaal fansite offers more of what's in the full article:

  • On a man in an elevator who rented Zodiac: "So I told some people, and they were like, "Why didn’t you grab him by the neck and say, "Where were you when it was in the theater?"

  • On the difficulty of filming Zodiac: "Well, that was just a weird time-Saturn and Mercury had aligned." That was either a random statement, or some brilliantly subversive way to connect astrology and astronomy to the filming a movie called "Zodiac."

  • Jake offers psychological reassurance to Fincher: "I am glad to hear that, because I really thought you needed a new perspective on life. I mean that in the nicest possible way."

  • And apparently, which is my favorite piece of info, "Gyllenhaal asks Fincher how 'Benjamin Button' is going and Fincher says it's his best film, to which Gyllenhaal replies "Impostor! You don't sound self-loathing enough."

    Praise Tommy for the wonderful find!
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