First "Benjamin Button" Visuals

Apparently TOTAL FILM ran a one-pager on David Fincher's upcoming movie just recently. But what a one-pager that is: Jam-packed with awesome Fincher quotes ... and the first ever visuals of the film!

And these visuals know how to set the tone alright. The mere look of Brad Pitt as a baby with the face of an old man gives you the bumps. But as with every Fincher movie, the more I read about it and the more talk there is, my expectations rise to a point where any other filmmaker would surely disappoint me.

There is some vital personal information on David Fincher and his motivation to make the movie and some intriguing quotes from both Mr. Fincher and Brad Pitt. Don't wanna give anything away. But this had me rolling on the floor:

"Brad and I joked that the studio greenlit the movie because to them it's about love ...
and to us it's about death."

It's this way to the article. -- Enjoy:


  1. Thanks for this post. God, I can't wait for this movie....

  2. thanks for the update! it's a relief to finally get to see something from this movie. i hope there's a teaser soon.

  3. these last two posts are amazing! thanks for the findings guys!

    and i'm pretty sure will be one of the best films of 2008, if not of all times.

    thanks again fincherfanatic, awesome job!


  4. thiago, you might be right. I think this story (movie) has a seriuos Academy Award potential... What do you guys think?

    The release date listed on IMDb says: 26 November 2008. It's almost Oscar season.

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