Rumor Correction: Sprite Commercial

Wikipedia mentions a recent SPRITE commercial as a work of David Fincher. And it's confusing, since the star of the ad is an asian pop-star by the name of "SE7EN", no joking. I watched the ad and couldn't believe it was a Fincher work. So I decided to dig a little bit. And indeed it looks like this may be false news. But it remains tricky!

The original ad was called "truck", was apparently produced in Shanghai and supposedly launched before any other commercial in that campaign. This is the one that features pop-singer SE7EN, a horrible asian version of THIRD EYE BLIND's "Semi-Charmed Life" -- and is rumored to be directed by David Fincher.

To make things just a little bit more complicated there is a reshoot-version of this exact same ad from 2006, post-produced by Fincher-trusted vfx-house BUF Paris, but reportedly directed by Josh Taft. And this ad belongs to a larger international campaign by SPRITE called "Liquid Freedom", which was launched with a clip from 2005, also directed by Josh Taft and produced by Gang Films (website).

You can find an article on the making of that spot here, and I will post links to all the other commercials at the bottom of this post.

The supposed Fincher connection gets mentioned here, some site named Korean-Bitez (link), Korean Star News (link), and the Trivia section of David Fincher Wikipedia article (link). All I am wondering is -- how did they even get the idea?

To be absolutely fair: The "Liquid Freedom" spot is very well done. I think it's very well directed and has a great concept. Judging by its technical finesse it could even be a Fincher -- but it just doesn't look like a Fincher. Hm?

So if anyone has some more info on his matter and can either confirm or further deny this rumor, please report or comment here. In any other case: Please consider this false news.

Here are the links:

SPRITE "Liquid Freedom" (2005)

SPRITE "Truck" (2006) by Josh Taft

SPRITE "Truck" featuring pop-star SE7EN   (Making-Of)

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