The Hollywood Strike Memo

Thanks to Thiago for sniffing up this awesome link: Coming Soon has posted what they call a "Strike Memo" -- a list of projects that studios are making a priority before the impending Writers Guild, Directors Guild and Screen Actors Guild strike next year.

What's so hot and juicy about this list is that it reveals the brand-new projects from big-name directors, and it lists TORSO as David Fincher's next project. So this may actually be moving forward as soon as 2008! On the other hand, since this lists features several projects for some directors this may not be a confirmed list of greenlit projects, but rather a "wishlist". So don't set your hopes too high!

Among many other A-list names, the list includes Jean-Pierre Jeunet, The Coen Brothers, Wolgang Petersen, Martin Campbell, Robert Zemeckis, Francis Lawrence, Steven Spielberg, and Sam Raimi.

Oh, and it looks like we'll also get films by Fred Durst, Panic Room scribe David Koepp and my favorite -- Andy Fickman (whoever that is).

Go there. Read it. Enjoy:

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