Levi's - "Chase"

David Fincher is said to have directed three commercials for our denim-brand of choice: LEVI. Unfortunately, not only are these three incredibly hard to find. It isn't even certain that Mr. Fincher has actually directed all of them ...

The one I managed to track down is one called "Levi's - Chase" from 1996. The ad is really great fun, it's a perfect 30 seconds ... but I am not so sure it looks entirely Fincher-ish, and that is very hard to affirm:

Wikipedia mentions "Chase" as one of David's commercials. (But that is Wikipedia!) Fincher's IMDB entry on the other hand mentions two other Levi commercials -- but leave out this very "Chase".

Thanks to Dr. Evil, who pointed out the "Chase" ad was actually directed by Frank Budgen. (Click on "Frank". Read more here.)

So where are we then? -- I will head over to Wikipedia and correct that entry about the "Chase" commercial. And hopefully you guys know the other two Levi ads and can help to track them down and link them here. They are titled "Restaurant" (1994) and "Reason #259" (1998). Thanks for helping out!

Now let's head on and watch "Levi's - Chase" anyway.
And who knows, it may even be a Fincher ...
Even if it's not Fincher it's still a great ad. -- Enjoy:


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  1. Levi's "The Chase" was directed by Frank Budgen.


    Dr. Evil.

  2. Thanks Dr. Evil,

    can you share with us how you know about this commercial and who directed it. And moreso, would you happen to know where to find the other two commercials ... and whether they are indeed directed by the Finch?


  3. Frank Budgen is a director repped by Gorgeous in the UK, a production company that is affiliated in the USA with Fincher's Anonymous Content, so it's a case of several geniuses working closely together. The reason I know about this is that I'm subscribe to a lot of the magazines that focus on commercial production.

    Here's an excerpt from one that talked about the "Chase" spot for Levi's:

    Tackling Levi's
    Post, Sept, 2006

    NEW YORK -- The Mill New York (www.the-mill.com) teamed up with production company Gorgeous on a Levi's 501 Jeans spot called News Story, directed by Frank Budgen.

    In it, a couple is watching a car chase on the news. When the criminal jumps out and tries to steal jeans off a wash line, the guy realizes those are his Levi's!

    The Mill Smoke artist Aidan Thomas made many refinements to the :60 spot, as well as handled the online edit. Cars were added and lights were added to the police car. He also enhanced the Levi's logo and stitching on the jeans, and varied the speed on different shots. The agency was BBH NY.


    Btw, I don't have any information on the other two spots just yet, but I'll try to track it down by next week and come back and post it here.

    Btw, luv the site Keep up the great work!

    Your friend,
    Dr. Evil

  4. Here's the link to the Levi's Reason #259 spot aka Rivet:


    The Levi's "Restuarant" spot was produced for Japan TV. The spot featured actress Claire Forlani who was also in the Honda Del Sol spot.


    your friend,
    Dr. Evil

  5. I am writing to let you know that David Fincher directed the Levi's Chase commercial. I wrote the music for the spot and visited Mr. Fincher on the set in downtown Los Angeles. I recorded the music for the spot in Los Angeles on my birthday - that's why I remember it so well. This spot was never called "News Story". David did another spot for Levi's at the same time called "Rivet". It shows a guy in a dental chair. The technician puts his face in an exact location and a machine puts a rivet in his nose. We did the music for that one as well. He's an amazing director to work with - he knows what he wants and he pushes everyone to do their best work as well. Both spots were done through Foote Cone and Belding, San Fransisco.

  6. What was the DTLA location?