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With its 10th anniversary coming up in September 2007, we have all reason to look at the teaser and trailer to David Fincher's THE GAME once again. They have both stood the test of time. And they actually really kick ass ...

"The Game" was the first feature film collaboration of David Fincher an cinematographer Harris Savides, who had recently also worked on "Zodiac". The production also reunited Fincher with "Se7en"-writer Andrew Kevin Walker, who did some uncredited rewriting on the script and served as an executive producer.

The highly recommended special edition DVD includes both the teaser and trailer with commentary tracks. The teaser, as you learn there, was completely CGI animated. With this artful advertising ... I would immediately go see it again!

Thanks to Mikez for pointing us to it. Enjoy:

THE GAME, theatrical teaser

THE GAME, theatrical trailer

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