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This is a tricky post: It's not "really" about David Fincher only "sort of". I cannot seem to make it any shorter. And I really hope that by the end you will all be able to see my point about this. -- Let's try ...

This is the news to sum things up: Warner Brothers announced plans earlier this week to remake 1976's "Logan's Run". In and of itself that must have appealed like a safe and sound idea to everyone, since the only issue that raised any eyebrows was their choice of director: Big-screen first-timer Joseph Kosinksi -- a "protégé of David Fincher". That, however, really shouldn't have surprised anyone ...

Joseph Kosinski caused some confusion recently, directing a trailer for video-game "GEARS OF WAR", which was rumored to be the work of David Fincher. Indeed, once you looked closer David Fincher worked as a "consultant" on the project ... and might just have landed Kosinski in the director's chair for that one. The WB announcement now offeres further inside into that ominous Fincher-Kosinski connection:

"Kosinski is a former architect whose specs caught the attention of director David Fincher, a building buff who eventually convinced Kosinski to move to Los Angeles, where he joined the director at commercial house, Anonymous Content. Kosinski then moved quickly up the ladder, eventually directing award-winning spots for Nike, Apple and Nintendo using cutting-edge computer technology that erased the lines between reality and CGI."

While the Kosinski description in this article is fair, I believe one doesn't fully understand Kosinski's talent, his career and the recent appointment as a director for this production, until one has actually seen his works:

His architectural presentation "Desert H2Ouse", NIKE commercial "Eye[D]" and the digitally created short-film "Apple iSPEC" all share a distinct style, that is perfectly suited for science-fiction, and they fully convey that Kosinski has a great sense for cinema and for the use of visual effects. He has yet to prove his stamina and understanding for the longer format and the mise-en-scene of real-life actors.

Now what brought me to write this article in the first place is this: I find it amazing to see that David Fincher caught Kosinski on his radar probably as early as 2001, when "Desert H2Ouse" and "Apple iSPEC" were floating around on the web and caused quite some buzz. And yes, rightfully so: they are really amazing.

It shows once again that Fincher not only appreciates talent when he sees it, but supports young filmmakers (or even architects) in their careers -- which also strongly reminds me of Claudio Miranda, moving up the ranks from gaffer to commercial DOP to working with David Fincher on "Benjamin Button".

We have had his site on here before, but if you want to remind yourself of how to impress Fincher, view Kosinski's work on his website:

His latest achievements are a commercial for HALO3 and the new ANONYMOUS CONTENT logo.

And wow, if by now you haven't utterly forgotten what this article initially was about, here is where you can read up on Warner Brothers' remake of "Logan's Run". Thanks for reading. And good luck becoming the next Fincher protégé! -- Enjoy:,,2153239,00.html

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