Zodiac DVD Review

Thanks to Reint for pointing this one out: Finally some news is coming in on the Director's Cut version of David Fincher's "Zodiac". It comes in form of a detailed review of the single-disc release (due July 24th in the US) and two statements by Fincher's trusted DVD-creator David Prior.

Since there had been some confusion among fans as to why there had to be two DVD-releases for the movie (one, a single-disc that nobody will buy, and a second 2-DVD Director's Cut version due for 2008), David Prior saw it necessary to clear things up:

According to the DVD-producer the decision to have a double-release for the title certainly didn't come from David Fincher trying to recoup more money, but was solely a studio decision. The reason for the 2008 release of the special edition obviously comes from David Fincher and his team putting an immense effort into creating a packed and worthy double-disc -- the way we already know and love from the SE7EN, FIGHT CLUB and PANIC ROOM discs!

Of course I would have loved to buy the special edition right away, but this explanation seems absolutely sound to me. So no matter what I decide now, as soon as the single-disc DVD hits the stores, I will sure buy a copy to shorten the wait. And later update my archive to the Director's Cut. Studio wins. What can you do, you know ... ;-)

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