The Fincher "Harry Potter" Treatment

Don't get scared: David Fincher directing the final "Harry Potter" installment isn't even a rumor! Although I must confess, watching Harry and Hermione get the royal Fincher treatment would certainly be very entertaining ... conducted an experiment, asking different directors for their take on ending the highly successful film-series. Among them:
Zack Snyder ("300"), Rob Zombie ("House Of The Thousand Corpses"), Edward Zwick ("Blood Diamond", "Last Samurai"), and Guillermo Del Toro ("Hellboy", "Pan's Labyrinth").

David Fincher's statement on the matter could be longer, but gave me a good laugh. And while none of this is to be taken seriously, it does make for an amusing and interesting thought-experiment: Reading the statements made me realize just how differently director's would tackle the material, and what totally different films would result from their decisions, directing styles and personalities -- granted, the directors were given total creative freedom, which I doubt.

And if you enjoy the article -- there is more!

In 2005 VH1 had already asked filmmakers about their approach to the franchise, and received some interesting answers from James Mangold ("Walk the Line"), James Wong ("Final Destination"), Sam Mendes ("Jarhead", "American Beauty") and Garth Jennings ("The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy").

Read the stories here:

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'Very Violent With A Lot Of Nudity'
-- VH1, May 2007

Harry Potter, You Got Served!
How Other Directors Would Handle The 'Potter' Flicks

-- VH1, November 2005

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