Nike - "Mr. Robinson Pizza Mon"

Okay, guys, I need your help with this one. Wieden+Kennedy lists NIKE's "Mr. Robinson Pizza Mon" (1990) as a David Fincher directed commercial. And to me it is very hard to believe Fincher has actually directed that ...

I think, my first problem is, that I have never read about David Fincher directing this ad -- and I could understand if he doesn't ever want to be reminded. Then secondly, even though the spot has the "narrative twist" that Mr. Robinson cares more about his Pizza than his Nike shoes, in my opinion this spot too directly contradicts Fincher's statement: "I would never do commercials where people hold the product by their head and tell you how great it is, I just wouldn't do that stuff."

Oh, and lastly, except for the dolly-shot at the very beginning I can't find a single shot in this that looks "Fincher", if you understand what I mean. So: Anybody knows if this is really a Fincher commercial? And what do you guys think of it?

Watch & judge:


  1. well... if barely resembles any of fincher's work from the beginning of the 90's. style-wise, i guess it isn't his, but we'll never know for sure, not until we ask him directly, and we have to consider that he was like what, 24 at the time? beginning director, making ends meat maybe?

  2. Quite possible that he did it only for the money. To me it still doesn't look anything like his other work. Plus the concept just doesn't seem so appealing. I hope I'll bear this in mind and bring it up in an interview with Mr. Fincher, as soon as I have the chance.

    But, yeah, I guess you're right: "Money" is the thing I just haven't taken into account ... ;-)

  3. I think he directed it. That dolly shot you mentioned is absolutely his style and notice his feet are outside of the bathtub, out of focus at the side of the shot. fincher has used this shot many times in his work. the editing also has a touch of his later style, particularly the last cut to the shot of Mr. Robinson standing up.

    But I agree with you that it´s definetly nothing to be proud of.

  4. It seems perfectly plausible that this is something Fincher made. It's competently made and seems to be somewhat mocking of the idea of traditional commercials with celebrities worshipping products since it's not about the Nike shoes.

  5. ...and hopefully, an 1-on-1 with God is not too far away. I'm always cheering mate! Good luck!

  6. I don't like it. And it doesn't look like Fincher. Maybe Weiden+Kennedy just got it wrong?

  7. He also directed a number of other spots for WK

    Instant Karma - Nike - 1992
    Barkley on Broadway - Nike - 1992
    Her Word - YM Magazine - 1993

    view them all at

  8. Michael Bay may have directed the pizza mon shots. DP John Schwartzman & PD Michael White. Opening inserts = Fincher footage.

    Fincher's decision to let Bay direct Nike Mr. Robertson campaign was decisive moment. Alien 3 schedule reasons perhaps. W&K considered Dominic Sena but Bay ultimately won (Steve Dickstein rep / EP selling at the time) and everything's history. Media has yet to notice the influence DF had on (over) MB's sudden, incredible career rise at Propaganda Films.

  9. Wow ... too bad this last bit of info was added anonymously. I hope whoever has contributed that will come back to share more information: Where did you read about the DOP for the clip? What else can you tell us about the Fincher Bay connection? Do you know of other Fincher videos we can watch online?

    Thanks a lot for your contribution!