Nike - "Barkley On Broadway"

Even though it may start to look like it: No, I am not affiliated with Nike. But it looks as if David Fincher may have been at some point. This 1992 ad takes Basketball out of the stadium and onto Broadway -- much in the tradition of Fincher music-video for Madonna's "Vogue".

Even though I don't enjoy the concept that much, this ad is well made and nicely edited. None of my favorites, so I don't have that much to say about this.

The Wieden+Kennedy website is actually rather nice and you should definitely click around a little bit to get a glimpse and feel of their really cool navigation.

Enjoy the commercial:

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  1. Certainly a well made ad, but just like you, I don't think this is my cup of tea. Once again, it looks like a pretty expensive undertaking, especially if we consider that it was shot in the early 90's. Fincher certainly (was) is genius when it comes do commercials, but I'm much more excited about his work in feature films, even though is of utter importance to see where he came from, and what aspects of being a commercial director he brought to his film director career. Thanks for bringing us fresh stuff. Cheers.