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For every fincherfanatic who has not yet had the chance to see David's latest, ZODIAC, I dug deep and found these appetizers:
They are packed with interviews with Robert Graysmith, Mark Ruffalo and Jake Gyllenhaal, and ... hey, did any of you ever notice, that there isn't a single on-film interview with David Fincher about ZODIAC?

I am a trivia-lover and the greatest extract I could draw from this first one (which is sort of mentioned on the side) is that TV-detective LT. COLUMBO was based on Mark Ruffalo's real-life character of Inspector Dave Toschi! Once you know that, it's kind of hard to ignore that they virtually look the same! So if anyone's interested to shoot a remake of COLUMBO -- they know who they ought to get!

On the IMDB-profile to the 1969 Peter Yates' classic BULLITT (Link) it states that this movies lead character, Lt. Frank Bullitt (played by Steve McQueen) was also based on Dave Toschi. Seems like the guy was sort of popular at the time, huh?!

And here's another one, obviously from french or canadian television, which features some shots you haven't seen before, anywhere else.

This excerpt once again made me realize David Fincher's brilliant use of lighting.

Following these links, you can find the videos on Brightcove:

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