Cult "Fight Club" Review, EW (1999)

This may be the best FIGHT CLUB review I have ever read: It is jam packed with information about what was going on around the time of its release, has some very interesting commentary by the stars Norton, Pitt, Bonham Carter and of course the meister himself: David Fincher.

What makes this review so interesting is that it was written before the release of the film and ponders about the question, if this movie was going to be "too ballsy" for audiences. Another great aspect is learning about the politics this movie had to deal with, for once the concerns of producer Laura Ziskin, of the film being too testosterone-driven, but also the question of how to deal with the film in a Post-"Columbine massacre" world, which happened in that same year.

For every Fincher fan this is nail-bitingly interesting!
"Blood, Sweat, and Fears" by Benjamin Svetkey was originally published in Entertainment Weekly, October 15th 1999.

Check it out here:

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