Aerosmith - "Janie's Got A Gun" (1989)

MTV's 1999-edition of "100 Greatest Videos Ever Made" included Aerosmith's cinematic drama on a sensational #48; it had won Best Rock Video and the MTV Viewer's Choice Award back in 1990.
It's a great song, great video and probably one of David's most popular works in the field, even almost 20 years after it's release. Oh, and to my fincherly trained eye -- this is also David's first one that has SE7EN written all over it ...

The video was groundbreaking at the time, featuring gruesome realistic scenes that would later be the basis for many videos of the 1990s.
It reminds me a lot of David's video for Madonna's "Bad Girl" (1993) and both of these might have laid the groundwork for David's directorial success with SE7EN -- getting him noticed in Hollywood!

UniversalMusicGroup released an official post of this masterpiece on youtube. For US-residents there may be a better quality version available on MTV.

Watch & enjoy: (USA only) (Official UniversalMusicGroup Post)

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