Jody Watley - Two Music Videos

During the summer of 1989, Watley's "Real Love" video, directed by David Fincher, was nominated for seven MTV Video Music Awards including Breakthrough Video, Best Art Direction, Best Dance Video, Best Female Video, Best Editing and of course ... -- Best direction!

A year earlier David had already worked with Jody Watley to create a beautiful black and white video for "Most of All".

Towards the end of the 1980s Jody Watley ranked at the very top of female artists, alongside Janet Jackson and Madonna. While her rivals still have more or less a household name status, Jody Watley isn't exactly famous any longer. However, she still ranks as one of MTV Video Music Awards most nominated female artist of all time (according to Wikipedia).

MOST OF ALL (1988)
This videos feature a ton of nice photographic ideas and a superb and very classy look. My personal favorite in this is the very last shot. Watch out for that one -- to me, that's what makes it a real Fincher ...:

REAL LOVE (1989)
The youtube-links of this has the 6:50 min extended version for your viewing pleasure!

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