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"Entertainment has to come hand in hand with a little medicine," Fincher says. "Some people go to the movies to be reminded that everything's okay. I don't make those kinds of movies.
Everything's not okay."

EOnline collected what they call "notes" on David Fincher. And they have about a ton of them. Most of these are from David's classic interviews, and they reveal a lot about David's directing approach, about his motivation for making movies and about how he sees the pains and thrills of moviemaking.

"You know, the best analogy for moviemaking is you're doing a watercolor from three blocks away through a telescope, with 40 people holding the brush, and you have a walkie-talkie."
(--Fincher to Fred Schruers, ROLLING STONE, 1997)

It's a very interesting read, summing up David most famous statements and insights. The only unfortunate thing about the EOnline notes really? -- A poor readability!

So here are two more of my favorite quotes ... before you head over there and read the entire notes section on the EOnline website!

"I like the initial design and rehearsal, all the possibilities. Then when you go to shooting, it's, 'We can't put a wide enough lens on,' or, 'We can't get the wall further back.' That's always so unpleasant and has not gotten any easier."
(--Fincher quoted in EMPIRE, November 1997)

And, what may be interesting for everyone who digs into David's earlier stuff -- David Fincher on his music video work:

"I just make these things and try to live them down. It's just creating a context for understanding a song. These are not windows into somebody's soul. For me, this is my film school, and, quite honestly, I'm embarrassed by a lot of my work."
(--Fincher to David Wild in ROLLING STONE, 1996)

Quite honestly, this statement makes me wonder, which of his videos he doesn't like, and which he thinks are truly amazing, even to his overcritical self! -- Guess we'll have to ask him some time soon ...

This way to EONLINE:

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