Orville Redenbacher - "Smart Pop"

Advertising the "Night of the Living Dead" way: David Fincher's recent, spectacular and highly controversial ... well, popcorn-ad.

On January 17th 2007, for the first time ever, a deceased american pop-culture icon was revived for the screen via fully believable, photorealistic 3D-technology. This new technology allows filmmakers to work with virtually any actor of the same physique and replace the actor's head with the likeness of any celebrity alive or dead in post-production.

The same technology will be used for creating the aging-effects on Brad Pitt in "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" -- David's visual-effects epic by "Forrest Gump"-scribe Eric Roth, due for a May 2008 release and weighing in at an est. 150.000.000 budget.

Sounds like a movie to look out for?
Have some popcorn in the meantime, and enjoy the Orville-Ad here:

Here is some additional story on the making-of and the controversy surrounding the commercial:

And here is Digital Domains Making Of featurette:

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