Lexus - "Pollen"

If you take a look at Fincher's long and intense collaboration with the Digital Domain VFX wizards, you cannot shake the feeling that all this time he was just getting ready ...

Having worked with the Thomson Viper HD-Cam for years, David's hands-on experience certainly came in handy, when convincing studios of the new technology and his desire to create an all-digital workflow on "ZODIAC". Likewise, David seems to have been running his hands on the very latest digital-tools -- to prep for his upcoming feature films.

This commercial for LEXUS features an all-digital environment -- very similar to the techniques used for digitally recreating 1960's San Francisco in "ZODIAC". Also, Davids recent Orville Redenbacher commercial clearly previews some pioneering effects-work not only for Hollywood at large, but one, which will definitely be utilized in creating the digital-aging effects for Brad Pitt in "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button".

For sheer viewing pleasure and further technical insight ...
Watch or download the LEXUS commercial here:§ion=commercials

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